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bamford_13_resized ....... bamford_edge2_resized ....... bamford_2_resized

Bamford Village Square

Bamford Edge

Bamford Church

bamford_10_resized bamford_22_resized bamford_26_resized

Bamford Well

Bamford main street

Bamford Edge from the golf course

bradwell_6_resized bradwell_12_resized bradwell13_resized

Bradwell village

The steep slopes of Bradwell village

Bradwell village

bradwell_3_resized bradwell_moor2_resized bradwell_9_resized

.Bradwell Edge

Bradwell Moor

The River Noe flows through Bradwell

brough brough_3 calver2_resized

Brough viewed from the Moors

The river Noe through Brough

Centre of Calver village

village_resized c_bridge_resized calver4_resized

View of Calver from the village pump

Calver Bridge

View of the village pump from Slough Lane

mill_2_resized castleton_village

Calver Mill

Looking towards Peveril Castle from Back Street, Castleton

Peveril Castle, Castleton

castleton_01_resized castletonb castletona

View from the foot of Treak Cliff Hill, Castleton

Market Place, Castleton

The heart of Castleton village

odin_mine from_odin_mine_resized edale_from_mam_tor_2

Odin Mine, Castleton

View from Odin Mine

The Vale of Edale

eyam plague_cottages catherine_mompessons_grave

Eyam - the Plague Village


The Plague Cottages


Catherine Mompesson's Tomb