castleton_visitor_centre_frontMuch of the story of the Hope Valley lies hidden beneath its limestone rocks. However, this land is slowly yielding up some of its secrets - which include fossils from the seabed that the Hope Valley used to be, evidence of the dinosaurs that roamed the land and personal belongings of the people who first called this area home.
This evidence is gathered up and presented in many of the museums and visitor centres of the Hope Valley which endeavour to tell you the story of how the valley came to be, the creatures that were to be found here and the lives of the people who eked out a living in this wild landscape.
eyam_village_signFind out how the villagers of Eyam isolated themselves from the outside world in order to try to prevent the plague that was decimating the village from spreading to the rest of the valley and understand the sacrifices these brave people made in order to protect their neighbours.
Discover the Castleton Visitor Centre and marvel at the prehistoric finds that have been made along this remote and wild area. Step back in time to the creation of the Valley and follow how it came to be the Hope Valley we know and love today.
Then go further afield, into other areas of the Peak District and surrounding areas. Find out how the uprising against King James II started in the Cock & Pynot - a small alehouse in Chesterfield that is now called The Revolution House.
Travel into Winster, near Matlock and visit the Winster Market House where you may see the famous Winster Morris Dancers.  If you go on Shrove Tuesday, you can watch their famous Pancake Race.
There are many events and talks on at the museums and visitor centres of the Hope Valley and surrounding area, especially through the holiday season, including some events aimed at showing young children how interesting and exciting history can be and introducing them to a passion that could last a lifetime!
So come share in our culture and walk in our ways with exciting exhibits, fascinating fossils, extraordinary events and some pretty horrible histories of our own!

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