frogattThe Hope Valley is renowned for its stunning and historic landscape, full of ancient stories and myths which make up the magical atmosphere and very soul of the Hope Valley. Here, nature is at her most powerful and mystical and she invites you to discover the many delights and wonders that await you in this beautiful place.

Camping is one of the best ways by far of getting back to nature. Gaze up at the stars at night, unpolluted by lights and feel awed by the majesty of the universe. Wake not by an alarm beeping or ringing harshly, but by nature’s own alarm of natural light and the birds’ dawn chorus. Start the day with a cooked breakfast by the campfire, washed down by a flask of tea. There are plenty of campsites in and around the Hope Valley that offer good facilities, from the large campsite with on-site attractions and amenities to the pitch in the farmer’s field, you will find the unique camping experience that suits you.

... alport castles
 .. Alport Castles
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For those who love nature but not quite enough to sleep within it, there are plenty of wildlife parks, conservation areas and nature trails that you can visit to explore the Hope Valley and learn some of the secrets of its past. The Longshaw Estate is a National Trust owned area that has all the peculiarities of the English countryside rolled into one; ancient moorlands, forests, millstone quarries, untouched meadows and pretty woodland make up this impressive estate. The High Peak estate (or Dark Peak) also boasts a wealth of history such as Alport Castles – no not an ancient fort but an impressive natural landslip – Kinder Scout (the highest point in the Peak District), Mam Tor, Snake Pass and others. You’ll be so taken with the beauty and mystery of the landscape that you’ll be mentally selling your home and planning a move to the Peak District!

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If you have small children in tow and don’t fancy lugging them up cliffs and through thick forestation then there are tamer parts of the countryside where you can easily spot wildlife indigenous to this area such as Chestnut Conservation and Wildlife Park, Lyme Park and many of the farm and animal parks featured in our section on farm parks and animal attractions in and around the Hope Valley. Many of the attractions have vast grounds and conservation areas that you can explore which are ideal for little ones with limited energy reserves.

The Hope Valley is the perfect get away from the stresses and strains of juggling our everyday lives and getting back to nature helps us all to realise what is really important to us. So allow yourselves to fall in love with the Peak District and all it has to offer. Once you’ve heard the calling of Mother Nature you’ll never want to go back!
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