peveril_castlePeveril Castle
Castleton, Hope Valley
S33 8WQ

English Heritage

Peveril Castle is named after William Peveril, widely thought to have been the illegitimate son of William the Conqueror.  Peveril was given the title Bailiff of The Royal Manors Of The Peak, making him the King's agent in the area.  He fortified the castle and had a wooden keep built.  Henry II would later replace the wooden keep with one of stone.

The castle sits, protected by the steep side of Cavedale, high atop the village of
Castleton, which was created by Peveril.  It is one of the oldest Norman fortresses in England and was a place of great importance during the time when the area was the Royal Forest of the Peak, a Royal hunting preserve.  Indeed, Henry II visited Castleton several times for the hunt and once to meet King Malcolm of Scotland.  Records show that an astonishing amount of alcohol was consumed during that visit!

In 1155, Henry II confiscated the Peveril Estates, fearing Peveril's son was too independent of mind and posed a threat to him.  Over time, the castle lost its strategic importance and fell to ruin.  By the 17th Century the only part still in use was the keep, which was being used as a courthouse and prison.  Parts of the ruin were also used to hold cattle.

These days the route to the castle is an exhausting climb up from the village, through the gatehouse and into the courtyard, but the original route zig-zagged up the hill from Goosehill.  Peveril created a moat and a wooden bridge along the ridge above Cavedale.  This bridge is long gone and it has not been proposed that it be replaced.

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1 April - 31 Oct   Open daily   10am-5pm
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£4.20 Adult,  £2.10 Children, £3.60 concession, Family Ticket £10.50.  FREE to English Heritage Members Closed 24-26 Dec & 1 Jan

Upcoming Events
4, 11, 18 & 25 August 2010 (Weds) - Games at the Castle
29 & 30 Aug 2010 - A Knights Quest
23 - 31 Oct 2010 - Halloween Family Fun Trail