Sometimes you just need a bit of time out on your holiday to relax and let the children go wild. Somewhere you can spread a blanket onto rich, soft grass and have a picnic, enjoy a walk or take some light exercise amid the beauty of the Hope Valley and wider Peak District. Somewhere you can just take it easy. So if you want a day out with the whole family that costs next to nothing - head for one of Hope Valley’s pools, parks or play areas, or go further afield from your base in the Hope Valley and explore all that the Peak District has to offer.
Phathersage lidoools
Whatever the weather, splashing about in the pool is great fun and even better exercise! Most pools charge just a few pounds and are popular venues for both adults and families. Try the hugely popular Hathersage Pool – a large outdoor pool complete with cafe and play area, or the indoor Ponds Forge with flumes, waves and a lazy river. After a busy time exploring all that this area has to offer, an invigorating swim is the perfect way to round off your Hope Valley holiday!
hope parkParks are great for roaming about the countryside and a brilliant idea for children is to print off a list of park or woodland creatures and plants and get your children to tick them off as they spot them – it keeps them fully occupied whilst you have a peaceful stroll! Lyme Park is huge and the kids will love spotting the deer! Rother Valley is also good fun with lots of activities on hand if you are feeling energetic! Whilst Wythenshaw Park has more relaxing activities such as crazy golf and woodland walks. See our Farm Parks and Get Back to Nature sections for more ideas.
hope and grindy parksPlay Areas
Walking, swimming and sightseeing may be exercise enough for us but our children don’t feel as though they’ve used up their batteries until they’ve hung upside down on the monkey bars, scaled the top of the climbing frame, spun themselves silly on the roundabout and swung so high on the swings that they nearly launch themselves into space – now that’s fun!
A number of the parks do also have play areas and many of the villages have an outdoor play area where the children can use the swings and slides while you sit on a bench and relax. However, if it’s raining then you can always take them to an indoor play area where you can grab a cuppa and watch as they dive into the ball pool and throw themselves down the slides! Little Rascals in Buxton is great for little ones and Just for Kids in Sheffield has activities dedicated for all age groups.
So fill up your picnic basket, grab your swimming costume and head off for an inexpensive, chill out day in the Hope Valley and beyond!


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