bluejohncave1We spend so much time walking upon this earth, yet many of us never stop to think about the beauty that lies just under our feet. Why not discover the unique and magical world of stalactites and stalagmites, columns and chambers? This mystical world can be found down in the bowels of the Hope Valley and Peak District where mining is still an important part of life and caverns such as Blue John Cavern is still used by miners who double up as tour guides for visitors.
If you have the courage to descend deep into the heart of the earth you’ll find a land that could almost have come straight from the pages of a fairytale. A land of underground waterfalls and rivers where crystallised rocks gleam and glint at you as though hiding a thousand eyes beneath its rocky folds and gigantic caverns that have the majesty and vastness of any man-made cathedral.
speedwell cavern canalSpeedwell Cavern has underground boat rides for exploring the many tunnels that lie underneath Hope Valley whilst Treak Cliff Cavern is a magical place renowned for the multi-coloured flowstone that sparkle and glisten on the cave walls. Look out for Dream Cave, Aladdin’s Cave and Fairyland!
Most of the caves are suitable for the whole family with lots of activities and events on during the holidays. The Blue John Cavern remains the most popular whilst Speedwell Cavern is ideal for romantic boat rides!
For the more experienced cavers, head to Bagshaw Cavern where you can kit up and discover the Elephant’s Throat, the Grotto of Paradise and the Niagara Falls! Many of the caves are suitable for both beginners and advanced potholers.
So do something a little different today and open your eyes to a whole new world that lies just beneath your feet!
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