bagshawe cavern poolsKnown as the Crystallised Cavern, Bagshawe is a natural cave system popular with cavers and potholers.   Bagshawe Cavern was discovered accidentally by iron miners in 1806 and is named after Sir William Bagshawe, on whose land it was discovered.  It is said that Lady Bagshawe gave the system such names as The Grotto of Paradise, The Dream Cave, The Dungeon and The Kitchen of Fairies.

The entrance is just outside the village of Bradwell and is open to pre-booked caving groups.  Enter through a small stone building into Mulespinner mine and travel down over 100 steps.   You will see items left behind by the miners as well as 'slickensides', which are a geological feature caused by frictional movement between rocks along two sides of a fault.  Much of the passageway was dug out prior to the first world war and links the natural grottoes, which can be illuminated with magnesium ribbon. 
Bagshawe is a stream cave, with streams, pools and dripstone waterfalls.  The advanced caver can descend into The Dungeon, which is a large pothole, below which is a stream.  Bagshawe cavern is still being explored and cavers are still discovering new areas.

Admittance by appointment.  Tel : 01433 620540.  Fee payable

The Eldon Pothole Club make regular use of the Bagshawe Cavern and are always looking for new members. read more

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