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Bolsover is mentioned in the Domesday book as Belesovre and named as the property of William Peveril - the same man that built and owned Peveril Castle in Castleton.

Bolsover was the seat of the Peveril family. Peveril, thought to be an illegitimate son of William the Conqueror, was honoured after the Norman Conquest with over one hundred manors.
Although occupying the site of a medieval fortress, the castle as it looks today has only existed since 1613. Prior to that, there was a 12th century keep which was purchased in 1612 by Sir Charles Cavendish, who began to build his Little Castle.
bolsover castle muralWith luxurious rooms filled with fine works of art, this was a beautiful home, styled from the outside to look like a fortress.  Later, Bolsover Castle was the property of Bess of Hardwick, who stripped it bare to furnish Hardwick Hall. 
For many years it was a shadow of its former self until restoration work began and it was returned to its original glorious condition - including seeing the return of the Caesar paintings, which depict the Roman emperors and empresses.
bolsover castle terrace rangeToday, visitors will see beautifully carved fireplaces and exquisite panelling and murals, all lovingly restored or recreated. The Venus Fountain now boasts 23 new statues and plays for the first time in many hundreds of years.
The magnificent Terrace Range overlooks the Vale of Scarsdale.  Now a ruin, this is still an imposing building and standing before it you get a very strong picture of how wonderful it would have looked in William's time.
the star chamberSo proud was he of his little castle, that William invited King Charles I and his court to a specially written performance entitled Love's Welcome (a masque by Ben Jonson), which was performed in the Fountain Garden. The last part of the little castle to fall into place was the Riding House. An imposing building with viewing gallery and a stunning roof. It remains one of the finest indoor riding schools in the UK.
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