deerThe Eastern Moors are part of the Peak District National Park and lie on the fringes of Sheffield, England’s fourth largest city.  The whole of the moorland is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to its diverse mix of heather moorland, acid grassland, blanket bog and woodland, as well as being home to an abundance of wildlife species, such as red deer, adders, the elusive water vole and the nationally scarce golden-ringed dragonfly.

adderA designated Special Protection Area (SPA), the moors are the habitat of bird species such as the short eared owl and golden plover.

The Eastern Moors important dry heath, blanket bog and sessile oak woodland habitats have gained it a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) designation.

The area is of great historical importance, with around 5,700 recorded archaeological sites, including medieval guide stoops, industrial millstones and WW2 mortar scars on the rocks.

eastern moors picWhat is great news for you is that the majority of the Eastern Moors is under open access, with a network of bridleways and footpaths as well as internationally renowned climbing edges. Appreciated by many, the site entices wildlife enthusiasts, adventure sport seekers and those looking for quiet enjoyment of the landscape.

The Eastern Moors Partnership is part of a wider vision for the area under the Sheffield Moors Partnership (SMP). This enables joined up thinking between adjacent land management, benefiting wildlife and people on a greater scale.eastern moors plant

With many routes to explore and a wide variety of events planned throughout the year, the Eastern Moors and the whole of the Hope Valley is a great place to live and a great place to visit.

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