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Hope's Living History


The Historical Society Exhibition in the Methodist Church Hall was well received by a very large number of visitors, some coming back for a second viewing, not having left enough time first time round. Indeed in my first two hours I had only covered half of the display! It was pleasing to welcome school groups as well as local residents and some from further afield.

All aspects of life in Hope and surrounding areas were covered from the development of and early life in the schools, ancient buildings, occupations, archaeological investigations and industrial development.

These aspects of life in Hope were displayed in the form of excellent photographs beautifully reproduced, including a DVD presentation, printed reports and copies of histories and census returns. Artefacts from recent digs were also on display.

There were many drawings, particularly in the Time Line, that were so beautifully done by Keith Green over many years and this may be a fitting place to pay tribute to his enormous contribution in illustrating aspects of village and personal lives over such a long period of time. The accuracy of the drawings is astounding and forms a lasting record. Well done Keith and thanks from us all.

The Society and visitors are enormously grateful to the Research Group whose foresight started this project and to all the others who have helped to produce such a major exhibition.

James Burton.

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August 2015 Newsletter

Catch up on all the gossip



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On Wednesday May 27th several members of Hope Historical Society gathered hopefully by the Motte in Hope. They were very cheerful when Dr Colin Merrony arrived with his resistivity meter together with several students from the University of Sheffield to carry out a survey of the Motte’s moat. Jane Bramwell had kindly agreed to allow this latest survey to take place on her land.

We are all looking forward to hearing Colin’s comments on the data which we hope will be of use in preparing for further investigations of this enigmatic mound which lies in the very centre of the village.

Here are a few photographs of the team involved in the resistivity survey of the Motte which was carried out on Wednesday, 27 May 2015.






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 Eighteen members of the Historical Society had an interesting visit to the Paradise Mill in Macclesfield on 20th May. We started with refreshments in the Museum cafe and were then taken on a tour of the silk mill by an excellent guide who demonstrated every part of the silk thread making and Jacquard weaving process. Lunch at the Arighi Bianchi restaurant completed the outing.  Many thanks to Sal Cave and Gill Glen for such a splendid outing for the Society and to Ian Ord for the photographs.

A Pre- tour coffee  cake
2 Explaining from moth to silk hanks for spinning and weaving
Jacquard cards to  the left are the secret
history of the hope valley  hope valley history Hope Wakes Week join local historians to explore the fascinating and varied past of the hope valley in the heart of the peak district.
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Documentary research meeting in Aston


Aston residents from HHS have started a new research group exploring the history of Aston.

Contact us for details of the next meeting.

Medieval Life in Hope Valley, Derbyshire

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The HLF Medieval Life exhibition is on show again.


Ann from HHS discussing the exhibition developed by Hope and Castleton Joint Medieval Life Project at the recent Family History Day at Bradfield Village Hall.

download new medieval lives documents

Hope Valley, histoty and social clubs Hope Valley, Peak District, Derbyshire, history of rural England Hope Valley in the heart of the Peak District.

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October Lunch at the Poacher’s Arms

Lunch at the Poachers Arms

Our Chairman, one of our founder members and 40 other members enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Poacher’s Arms in Hope.