matlock_bath_aquarium1 Situated in a magnificent Victorian building that once housed the Matlock Bath Hydro, this aquarium is one of Matlock Bath's little known delights. Home to a fascinating selection of British and Tropical freshwater species such as Terrapins and Piranhas, this attraction is well worth a visit.
Much of the charm of the building has been retained, including the magnificent stone staircase, the drinking fountain and the iron girders spanning the thermal pool. matlock_bath_aquarium_victorian
The Thermal Pool

The Victorians were great believers in the therapeutic benefits of 'taking the waters'. Patients would drink the water to improve a variety of ailments and digestive discomforts. Gushing forth a staggering 600,000 gallons each day and remaining a steady 20C, this pool is home to a wonderful collection of large Mirror, Common and Koi Carp, weighing over 30lbs and always happy to be fed by visitors, who can obtain this food on site.

In best Victorian tradition, the aquarium has several 'curiosities'

matlock_bath_Petrifying The Petrifying Well

Petrification is a rare form of fossilisation where organic material is slowly turned to stone. The wells in Matlock Bath were well frequented in Victorian times as day trippers marvelled at petrification in action. The famous Matlock Bath thermal water sprays onto objects, gradually turning them to stone.

The Fossel and Gem Collection

The Aquarium houses a stunning collection of gems and fossils from around the world, including the beautiful and unique Blue John Stone, found only in the Hope Valley.

matlock_bath_aquarium_hologram The Hologram Gallery

A Fusion of Photography and Reality.

A fascinating and unique collection of three dimensional pictures produced by laser technology. Images which float in space before you, so real, you will not believe your eyes!

For more information, opening times or to book a school trip or other excursion, or to discuss fish sales or rescue, contact the aquarium on 01629 583624 / 582350

Matlock Bath Aquarium
110 North Parade
Matlock Bath
Derbyshire DE4 3NS
Tel: 01629 583624 / 01629 582350 (office)
Fax: 01629 760793