treak cliff cavernThe beautiful landscape of the Hope Valley and wider Peak District hides an abundance of minerals beneath and many of these minerals are still mined today in some of the huge caverns that lead into the very bowels of the Derbyshire landscape.
The Hope Valley caves and caverns boast a wealth of natural formations such as fossils, stalactites, stalagmites and of course the famous Blue John stone which is still mined to this day in the Blue John Mines.
Each of the caves and caverns in Hope Valley are unique and totally different from one another and each of them offers an amazing insight into what is almost another world just beneath our feet. Sparkling cave walls, magnificent chambers, underground pools and fossils from the very beginnings of time make you appreciate the wonders of nature like never before!
speedwell cavernMost of the caves are open to the public for guided tours, including a trip along the underwater canal at Speedwell Cavern. However, if you want to explore the bits that other tourists cannot get to then there are plenty of opportunities for potholing and caving experiences in Hope Valley, Peak District, Derbyshire and surrounding area.
Experienced potholers may want to plunge into the depths of Eldon Hole and Nettle Pot and there are some well-worn routes along Winnats Pass into some of the old mines, although it’s advised that potholers stick to established systems.
odin-mineCavers can take their pick from the many caves both natural and man-made around Hope Valley, of which those around Castleton are the most popular. Famous caves around here include Giants Hole, Peak Cavern, Oxlow Mine and Titan.
Caving in and around the Hope Valley is a great activity for family groups or individuals no matter what the weather and no matter what your ability, whether you want to have a guided tour of the entirely natural formation of Peak Cavern (otherwise known as ‘The Devil’s Arse’) or get harnessed and roped to explore the Bottomless Pit in Speedwell Cavern. It’s exhilarating, fun and an experience never to be forgotten!

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