Stanage Edge

The Hope Valley is a treasure trove for those who love the outdoors! The breathtaking scenery produces a number of mountains, crags, cliffs and valleys that present the perfect challenge to adrenalin junkies! The landscape offers climbing and hill walking for all abilities with many routes well-worn and mapped out. If you want to take your time and spend the day climbing one of our famous mountains, then have a look at the Hill Walkers Gallery for a list of walking routes that will take you through some of the most spectacular scenery in Hope Valley!
However if you want something to really test your climbing skills then try Stanage Edge, which boasts a series of crags that vary in height and gives some amazing views over the whole of Hope Valley.
These crags are by far the most popular with climbers of all abilities and there are several companies who offer rock climbing courses and weekends, such as Peak Activities Ltd, but of course if you are an experienced climber there is nothing to stop you ascending the dizzy heights yourself and having your own moment with nature.
If you want a more challenging climb on quieter crags then head for Higger Tor, Burbage Edge and Millstone Edge to the south of Hope Valley. The most varying climb through patches of woodland and lush green grass has to be Gardoms Edge along the Derwent Valley whilst the most enjoyable climb is said to be on the crags of Kinder, Bleaklow and Black Hill.
Let’s face it, nothing can beat the challenge of conquering one of the Peak District’s high crags and surveying the view around you as though you were the only person left standing.
abseilIt really isn’t hard to find yourself an isolated spot to climb around Hope Valley to truly appreciate the glory of this magnificent landscape. Most of the group climbs tend to tackle the varying crags around Hathersage so this is the place to head for if you want company and need some instruction, but travel just a little further out and you might not see another soul for miles around!
If you are a beginner then the sheer exuberance of getting to the top is beaten only by the wonderful fun you have in abseiling back down again!
There can be no better place for climbing and abseiling than the Hope Valley region and if that’s what you’re into then what on earth are you waiting for? The mountains and crags of Hope Valley are there to be conquered – are you up for the challenge?

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