cricket2Surely nothing represents the great British summer more than a lazy afternoon watching cricket in the glorious sunshine with a spot of tea and buttered scones?
It’s a quintessentially English game and here in the Hope Valley in the heart of the Peak District, we are just as cricket mad as the best of them!
The Derbyshire County Cricket Club has their base in the heart of Derby near to Pentagon Island and after a day of hiking through the hills of the Peak District you might be just about ready to put your feet up and enjoy a day of cricket against such formidable teams as Yorkshire and Lancashire.  You can find out what fixtures are coming up by visiting the Derbyshire County Cricket Club website.
However, you don’t have to travel so far to enjoy a spot of cricket. Chances are that if you stroll into one of Hope Valley’s villages on a sunny Sunday afternoon you can sit and enjoy cricket on the village green with perhaps a pint of Derbyshire ale from the local pub. Find out which teams are playing and when with the Derbyshire County Cricket Board.
cricket1If you want to get stuck in and play a game or two then you’re in the right place! There are plenty of cricket clubs in and around Hope Valley that would welcome new members or even take on an amateur player for a single game. For under 15’s who fancy pitching their batting skills against some nifty bowling; High Peak Cricket Development Club coaches players in batting skills, bowling techniques, as well as wicket and fielding. They run after school clubs and holiday clubs, so youngsters have no excuse to be bored during the summer holidays!
Cricket is one of those slow-paced sports that can easily be set up on any patch of grass with sticks for wickets. It’s the kind of game that you see played out on village greens up and down the country and cricket in Hope Valley is surely one of the most spectacular places to sit and listen to the thwack of leather upon willow and shouts of ‘out’ and ‘tea’. Every visit to the Hope Valley should include one chill-out day to savour the surroundings and I can think of no better way than the gentle game of cricket, can you?
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