hope valleyNothing quite captures the beauty and serenity of the Hope Valley than to view the entire countryside by air. What seems amazing down below is even more spectacular from up above!
View the contours of the land and see just how this magnificent area was shaped by magma from volcanic eruptions and then carved into shape by the last ice age. Imagine the prehistoric ocean that lay where the green valley now sprawls beneath you.
Helicopter FlightsDeep gorges and valleys snake through the land and in places the lush greenery looks like a blanket that has been thrown over a sleeping body. The peaks of Mam Tor and Kinder Scout break through the clouds like islands floating in a white sea. It really is a spectacular sight that brings home the wonders of nature like nothing else.
You’ve a range of flying experiences in the Hope Valley to choose from, from ballooning to gliding, helicopter flights to pleasure flights. There are a few companies offering balloon flights over Hope Valley or the surrounding area; Virgin Balloons and Wickers World Balloon Flights in Rowsley and Tissington Hall. Balloon experiences in the Hope Valley make lovely romantic surprises and are a peaceful and leisurely way to experience the views below.
gliding in Hope Valleyderbyshire soaring clubFor hang-gliding or para-gliding in Hope Valley you do need experience. Contact the Derbyshire Soaring Club to find out about temporary members’ passes and the best places to glide from.

Helicopter Flights over Hope Valley can be a thrilling experience as you hover over the tops of mountains and soar down into valleys like a giant bird of prey. There are several companies that offer pleasure flights over the Peak District such as Peak District Helicopters, Derbyshire Helicopter Flights and Pennine Helis.

Cagliding clubmphill is just the place for you to experience the magic of glider flight - to actually soar like a bird over the Derbyshire countryside.

Camphill is a hill top gliding airfield flanked by ridges on the west side and to the south. The airfield is 3/4 mile long North-South and 600 yards wide East-West. It is an all grass airfield with a well kept smooth surface. There is a hard core perimeter track for easy access to all parts of the airfield.

Converted from the buildings of Camphill Farm, a Derbyshire hill farm - the clubhouse provides excellent facilities by normal gliding club standards. Bar, dining room, lounge/clubroom, TV, email, etc..

Why not learn to fly fast on one of their 5 day residential Gliding Holidays. Gliding Holiday Courses are an excellent way to accelerate your learning. You are immersed in club activities from the moment you arrive until the last minute of your final day.

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On bright flying days, they're not likely to be in!

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Pennine Helipenine_helicopters Ltd provide a wide range of flights across the Hope Valley.

What better way to experience the beautiful Hope Valley than by seeing it sprawled out 1,500 feet beneath you?

events for details of upcoming flights.

Pennine Helicopters Ltd
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