Peace Gardens

An award winning public space occuping an area of 0.67 hectares near the Winter Garden and the Millennium Galleries, the Peace Garden was originally the churchyard of 18th Century St Paul's Church.  In 1938 the church was demolished to make way for a proposed extension to the Town Hall.  This never happened due to the Second World War.  All that remained of the building were the churchyard walls and St Paul's Gardens was created within the walls.  St Paul's Gardens became known as The Peace Gardens  and the name was formally changed in 1985.
There are a number of memorials to the history of Sheffield, including
The Goodwin Fountain
Dedicated to founder of a Sheffield steel and toolmaking firm, Sir Stuart Goodwin, has 89 jets of water
The Holberry Cascades
Dedicated to Samual Holbery, the leader of the Sheffield Chartists Movement(which developed into the first national political party representing the interests of the working class), are found at each of the entrances to the main area of the Peace Gardens.
The Standard Measures
An early method of consumer protection, Standard Measures were displayed in a public place so that arguments about short measures could be settled.  This set of Standard Measures were presented to the city in 1910 by the Earl Fitzwilliam.
The Spanish War Memorial
Recording the names of South Yorkshire volunteers who fought in the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War.
The Bochum Bell
A gift from Sheffield's twin city of Bochum in Germany.

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