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Bamford is a small agricultural village. It was mentioned in the Domesday Book as part of Hathersage.  Although the village is included as part of Hope Valley, it is in fact the only remaining village of the Upper Derwent Valley. ..... The other villages were Ashopton and Derwent and were lost when the Ladybower Reservoir was created.
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St John The Baptist Church.

Before Derwent was flooded to form Ladybower Reservoir, those buried in the cemetery were exhumed and re-interred in this church.  There is also a grave remembering the dead from Birchinlee.


Bamford Well.

Well Dressing takes place in Bamford in Mid-July, to co-incide with festival week. Two wells are dressed in Bamford.
Well Dressing is an ancient Derbyshire custom, and brings the whole community together during village Gala weeks.  READ MORE

Bamford was the last place to cross the Derwent without crossing into Yorkshire.  In 1695 the wooden foot bridge was replaced by a stone bridge, which was better able to bear the weight of the goods being transported over it.  It became known as Yorkshire Bridge.  At that spot today there is a pub of that name, and a hamlet behind it.
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Bamford Edge.

A gritstone edge that lies above Bamford.  Popular with walkers, on a clear day it offers amazing views of the Hope Valley, and of Ladybower Reservoir.

At 400m above sea level, Bamford Edge is not the highest part of the Hope Valley, but it offers simply beautiful views after a walk that is far more gentle than many others!

Bamford Train Station on the Hope Valley Line. 

This line brought life and prosperity to the Hope Valley.

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Part of Bamford are the hamlets of Shatton and Thornhill.  The only route into Shatton is over this bridge. Shatton Hall is long gone and the old roads are now unsuitable for vehicles, but make excellent walks. Thornhill was once home to Thornhill Hall, the original seat of the Eyre family.  No trace of the hall remains today.

BAMFORD in the heart of the HOPE VALLEY. This pretty PEAK DISTRICT village is all that remains of the now flooded Derwent Valley.

Bamford Village in the Hope Valley, Derbyshire