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Calver has been inhabited since the neolithic. There are a range of stone circles and other evidence of ancient occupation on the moors above the village. 
Mentioned in the Domesday book as Calvoure, meaning King's Land, it was listed as part of the Royal Manor of Ashford and has a long and illustrious past.

During the industrial revolution, it was a centre of industry within the area, with cotton mills, lead mining and quarrying, lime burning and lead smelting.

Calver Mill, location of the original Colditz TV series, has a long and varied history. 



Built in the late 1700s, it burned down some years later and was rebuilt at the beginning of the 1800s. It was closed as a mill in the 1930s but brought back into use during the war.

It has been the place where everything from shoes to  then as a steelworks and has now been refurbished as flats




Calver was a major trading place as it provided one of few points of access across the river Derwent.

This 18th Century bridge provided access for traders and travellers. The original then 300 year old bridge was swept away during terrible floods.

The original lamp was placed on the village cross to celebrate the coronation of King George V. 
In 1977, another lamp was placed to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee
This is the site of original village supply, indeed, the stone base of this feature was part of the pump.

The picturesque side streets inside the village are hidden from the main road and many people drive through Calver without truly appreciating this beautiful, natural stone, higgledy-piggledy village.

The Little Shop, by the crossroads, is a charming ice cream and sweet shop, popular with both locals and tourists.
They are one of very few such little shops in the area to stock gluten free ice cream cones.
The Derwent Water Arms in the centre of the village is reputed to be haunted. Rumour has it that several people who have stayed in one particular room have refused to spend another night there...
 Calver Cricket Club, who meet at the Derwent Water arms, are one of the oldest clubs in the country.