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The very pretty village of Castleton, (nicknamed ‘The Gem of the Peaks’) is famous for its caves and the unique Blue John Crystal.
Blue John crystal, found only in the Castleton caves, is sold in a number of quaint shops around the village.
Blue John crystal was first mined at Treak Cavern and then here at Blue John cavern
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The lead mine ‘Odin Mine’ is the oldest in Derbyshire and one of the oldest in England.
The remains of a Celtic hill fort sit atop Mam Tor (Mother Mountain), which is also known as the Shivering Mountain.
Speedwell Cavern. Board a boat to take a trip along a subterranean river.
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The 17th Century Castle Hotel, reputed to be heavily haunted!
Castleton Hall, a 17th Century residence, latterly a Youth Hostel.
St Edmund's Church has magnificent 17th century Box pews
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Photo taken by Stephen Price
Overlooking the village is the ruins of Peveril Castle, a triangular Norman castle, given to William Peveril by William the Conqueror, who many believe to have been his father.
The steep and narrow Winnats Pass gives the only access to Castleton from the west. Legend has it that Winnats is haunted by the ghosts of a young couple who were murdered there by miners.
Peak Cavern - interestingly known as 'The Devils Arse', due to the variety of noises to be heard from inside - was once home to rope makers. Their cottages are long gone but the rope walks remain
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The new visitors centre has proven to be a tremendous asset to the area.
With displays, exhibits and a range of information for visitors, it is well worth stopping in. The cafe next door can provide you with a great cup of tea and delicious treats.
Stephen Price Photography
View of the Valley
Early morning mist rising over the Hope Valley
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Model of how Peveril Castle looked. Note the bridge to the right. This was the original (and easier!) access to the castle, over Peak Cavern Gorge.  Now the only access is the steep climb from Castleton village.