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The picturesque village of Hathersage, nestled in the Hope Valley in the heart of the Peak District.  Said to be the village of Morton in the novel Jane Eyre.  Morton being the name of the landlord of The George Inn, which still stands in the village today.
..... Hathersage Main Street. From here are excellent views of Higgar Tor and Stanage Edge, which loom high over the village. Robin Hood is said to have been born 8 miles away at Loxley. ..... Close to Higgar Tor is the iron age hill fort of Carl Wark, which was later fortified and occupied by the Romans. Parts of this structure remain today.
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St Michael's Church stands above the village, next to an ancient Danish settlement, Camp Green.  In the churchyard is a grave said to be that of Robin Hood's right hand man, Little John.  Inside the church are the tombs of several members of the Eyre family. Little John's Grave. in 1784, a 30inch thigh bone was reported to have been exhumed from this grave, although it has since vanished. This would have made the owner over 7 feet tall! A bow and arrow were displayed in the church for some years, although they are long gone now.
North Lees Hall stands below Stanage Edge, just outside Hathersage.  Owned by the Eyre family for several hundred years, it is said to have been visited by Charlotte Bronte while she was staying in the village with a friend, and that she used it as the inspiration for Thornfield Hall in the novel Jane Eyre.  Today it is available for rent as a holiday home.
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Stanage Edge (stone edge) is over 3 miles long and at points up to 25 metres high, and is a magnet for climbers of all abilities.  It is also the location of a cave known as Robin Hood's Cave.  Legend has it that this was a hideout of the fabled heroic outlaw.
The Hope Valley has benefitted from the Manchester to Sheffield railway line, with magnificant views of the area.  The line also has a monthly Folk Train, where travellers are entertained on the train, then all alight and continue at a local venue
The Folk Train
The David Mellor Cutlery Factory, design museum, shop and cafe stands just outside the village, in the hamlet of Leadmill. Built in local stone and boasting a lead roof, this building has won numerous awards, including the BBC Design Prize.
Hathersage Lido is a great asset to the village, with its 100ft x 33ft open air heated pool, lawned area, cafe (shown here) and spectacular views.
The hamlet of Offerton, just outside Hathersage, has beautiful views of the area.  Offerton Hall originally belonged to the Eyre family, one of several houses built by them.  North Lees Hall being another. Many of the small roads, especially around the fields and farms, are single track lanes with high dry stone walls to each side.