Hope stands on the ancient trading route of Portway. ......... The Parish Church of St Peter.  For over 1000 years there has stood a place of worship on this spot. ......... The Old Hall Hotel was Hope Hall, former home to the Balguy family. Until a foot and mouth epidemic, a regular cattle market was held in the grounds.
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Built earlier even than Peveril, whose ruins are still visible in Castleton, all that remains of Hope Castle is a mound of earth. Walk out of Hope, along the Pinfold Road and see the stunning Hope Valley sprawled out below you. The Pinfold was an enclosure where stray livestock were kept.  They were rounded up by the Pinder (or Pound Keeper) and held until the owner paid a fine for their release.
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If you ask someone to close their eyes and picture the English countryside, they would be picturing a scene much like this. Win Hill and Lose Hill are said to have been named after a battle between King Edwin of Northumbria and King Cuicholm of Wessex, in 626ad Many of the back roads around the Hope Valley are steep and winding single track lanes, some with sheer drops on one side. Beautiful, charming, unspoiled...but not for the faint-hearted!


Aston is a beautiful hamlet consisting of a single track road and scattered houses.  The road takes you on a small loop, leading back to the main road through the valley.