Stoney Middleton

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Stoney Middleton, named in the Domesday Book as 'Midletune', is a charming higgledy-piggledy village, of mostly natural stone construction. Stoney Middleton boasts one of the steepest high streets in England. This was the original route through the village, which must have been arduous for the pack horses! The old toll house, built in the late 1800's, is now an award winning chip shop.
The 19th century stone cross, commemorating the repeal of the corn laws, stands where the original road through the village meets the new road which was opened in 1840  The unusual Parish Church of St Martin. Its 15th Century front leads into an octagonal church, reputed to be one of only two in existance in the country. Middleton Hall was the home of the Denman family.  In 1832, Thomas Denman became Lord Chief Justice of England. The house remained in the family until 1953

In 1762, local Hannah Baddeley threw herself from the cliff that rises above Stoney Middleton.  Amazingly, she survived this fall.  However, she fell ill and died 2 years later. Her story is remembered on a plaque near the Lovers' Leap Cafe Castle Hill. Some claim this is the site of a Normon motte and bailey castle, and point to a surrounding ditch as proof. It is also said to have been home to a Roman beacon.