Winster Market HouseWinster Market House near Matlock is a fine example of a 17th century market hall.  The archway would originally have been open and used by traders.  The upper section, now brick, would have been timber and where dairy goods were sold.

It is a listed building, managed by the National Trust. Purchased in 1906 for £50, it was the first building in Derbyshire to be acquired by the Trust. It is currently used as an information centre. Inside is a charming reproduction of Winster village.

Winster Morris DancersWinster, which possibly got its name from nearby geological feature 'Wyns Tor', is a designated conservation area and its charming streets and stone buildings are well worth a visit.  The granting of the right to hold a market in the village was not given until the 17th century, hence the building of the Market House at the end of that century.

The village is home to the area's only Morris Dancing troupe - The Winster Morris Dancers, who perform all over the country in their unique formation of 16, divided into Ladies and Gentlem
en's sides.

Visit on Shrove Tuesday and see the famous Pancake Race.

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